Rem-VBSworm 8.0.0

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  • Author by Bart Blaze (Open Source)
    • Rem-VBSworm is a smart utility that helps you to remove malware from your USB device. It can access the hidden files and registry files into your drive’s folders that can’t be accessed it will help you to access these folders and remove malware or registry files so you can again access your USB to any PC and device. It is very smart and secure tool to remove malware from your devices. It detects and removes different kinds of VBS infections, such as Bladabindi, Excedow, Jenxcus, and Houdini/Dinihu.


      Download Rem-VBSworm on PC > It is very to install this software on your windows/ other devices like mobile/PCs/Ipad etc. You need to install it as the normal easy software’s installation method is. Download its exe file from our website, double-click the file and allow the software to make changes on your PC, it will show a new window to start the installation process.

      You need to click on next to start the installation process, it will now ask for the path where the software needs to be installed, it will show a default C drive (System drive) to be installed the software on. If you have the cool space on the C device then simply click on Next to start the installation process, otherwise, you can choose any other drive for any reason like memory/space or for any reason you can choose other drive and let it start the installation. It will take some moments to be installed on your device and will be ready to use as the software is installed. The installation of the devices having the OS, which support Stores, it’s very easy for them to install the software. Simple search software name on store > Install > Open > All done.

      Reason Rem-VBSworm Features:

      The software comes with many key features like:

      • Access to USB files and folders if there is a registry issue.
      • Can remove an infected USB’s malware.
      • Allows you to access and scan any file or folder of the infected PC
      • Can remove Adware and Spyware.


    • Name:
      Rem-VBSworm 8.0.0
      Open Source
      111 KB
      Windows (All Versions)
      Multiple languages
      Bart Blaze
      MD5 Checksum:

        Generic Exploit.a.
        Enhanced Detections:

    0/5 (0 Reviews)
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